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Your own website

Register and create the website for your events - for free! Upload the important information, logos, photos, videos! Choose design for your customised appearance! If you manage several events, you can create your own portal. You can use calendar, maps, write articles - as you wish.
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Accessibility from anywhere

Your website will look great on laptop, tablet and smart phone. The search engines will create traffic for you and you can promote your website.
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Mobile application

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Your own mobile app

Associate a mobile app to your InterTicket site with just a few clicks - for free! The Mobile app for your event will be soon ready for IOS, Android or Windows smart phones.
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Connect your customers!

Your app enables you to communicate lively information and photos about the performers in addition to the details of the event. You can show the event place on the map. If you manage several events, the calendar function can be especially useful for your customers.
You can send direct messages to your visitors through your app when the event nears or during the event.
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You can advertise your event through InterTicket on more and more event promotion websites - at favourable terms.
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Create your own newsletter layout on InterTicket.  Keep your address lists up to date.  Edit and send your newsletters through the pro technology provided by InterTicket.  For a wider reach, you can order the promotion of your event in the InterTicket newsletter.
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Presence in social media

In addition to sharing your InterTicket website on social sites, you can create Facebook event from your page, and sell your tickets on Facebook by our application.
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QR code

On InterTicket you can create the QR code for your website - by a single click. Displaying the QR code on websites, posters, leaflets and print media, you can head visitors for your event’s website.
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TicketStreet ticketing services

Our TICKETSTREET services allow you to set up and perform complex ticketing sale scenarios.  You can create your own ticket design, reflecting the character of the event or you can select a general ticket layout.
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Time interval of ticket sale

You can define the start and end date/time of the interval, when tickets should be on sale.
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Types of tickets

You can create different types of tickets (child, early bird, family etc.), according to your demands. You can determine the price, the quantity and the distribution channel (web, ticket office), or suspend the sale of any of the types.
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Sales channels

You can sell your tickets on your website, or on the Facebook event page by the InterTicket application. InterTicket provides a box-office application, which enables you to serve your customers on-site, even by a single mobile phone.
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Further sales channels

Your tickets will be available on the portals of InterTicket and at its local sales partners.
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Payment system

You don’t have to deal with the problems of the payment systems. You don’t have to bother about the accountability of your partners. InterTicket provides you with all the financial services for correct and precise billing, settlements and accounting.
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Simple admission

Download the InterTicket admission app to your Android mobile phone.  Use it on-line or even off-line when Internet is not available.
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Ticket scanning

If you download the admission application of InterTicket to your mobile phone, you can scan the barcode or QR code of the tickets. The app is able to read mobile NFC tickets as well. If needed, you can scan the code or you can identify the ticket holder by name.
If you have Internet connection, the app checks the ticket, and admits the guest. On sites without Internet connection you can download the data of the purchased tickets, and the admission will be performed offline.
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List of guests

The InterTicket admission system makes you up-to-date about the number of guests, who has arrived and the ones to come. If your online customers submitted their name, you have a list of guests. You can contact your customers when necessary.
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The reports and diagrams provided by InterTicket help you to get a quick overview about the visibility of your event’s website, so you can make rational promotional decisions.
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Take a look at the sales reports, and you can easily review the ticket sales of your event(s). You can make solid decision about pricing, distribution channels or promotions at any moment.
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Check out our tutorial video to discover the detailed features of InterTicket.
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