Main features

The smart event manager

Would you like to organize, direct or create your event? Do you have a plenty of great ideas - all you need is a smart and reliable assistant who takes care of everything for you! Just use InterTicket and realize your ideas easily without compromises.
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Create your own webpage for your event - for free!

Upload the important information, logos, photos, videos! Choose design for your customised appearance! If you manage several events, you can create your own portal. You can use calendar, maps, write articles according to your style.
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Mobile apps

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Create a mobile app for your event - for free!

Would your visitors appreciate a mobile app? Associate a mobile app to your InterTicket site with just a few clicks - for free! Your customers can get up-to-date information about your events, performers, they can view your event calendar or the venue maps. You can send direct messages to your visitors through your app near the program nears or during the events.
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Tickets on demand

Do you want to sell tickets? Define the maximum allowed number of the tickets! Create different types (child, early bird, family etc.), determine the price and the quantity! Develop your own ticket layout including logo, text, barcode or QR code with our handy ticket editor.
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InHouse BoxOffice

TICKETS system for institutions

InterTicket Ltd's TICKETS systems serves hundreds of cultural institutions since 17 years.
Main features of the Windows based TICKETS system:
- full ticket controlling and sales system
- management information system
- in-house database on demand, for maximum security and autonomy
- integrated access to a network of sales offices and portals
- built-in ticketing page in our partner's own website
- efficient ticket printing solutions
- integrated admission system
Learn more about the TICKETS system!
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