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Clubs, locales

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Do you organize occasional DJ programs, live music, karaoke nights or other programs in your club? How can your visitors be informed about it? Via your Facebook page? InterTicket provides a way to create standalone event pages or a website for your club and programs, optimized for PC, tablet and mobile.
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Sport, fitness clubs

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Do you want to promote your competitions or fitness trainings? Just create your own website with the yoga, zoomba, aerobic classes in it! Define the maximum headcount, then accept the online registrations!
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Concerts, parties, festivals

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You can share your InterTicket website on the social networking sites, create a Facebook event out of it, or even sell tickets on Facebook through our app.
Would your visitors appreciate a mobile app? Associate a mobile app to your InterTicket site with just a few clicks - for free! Your customers can get up-to-date information about your events, performers, they can view your event calendar or the venue map. You can send direct messages to your visitors through your app as the program nears or during the event.
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Conferences, lectures, events

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Manage invitations with style - create the event’s InterTicket website, and send the invitations from the website to a professional or private address list. Accept free registrations or sell tickets online to the event. 
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Theatres, community centres

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Have you created your own InterTicket website? Are you selling tickets online? Join the InterTicket sales network! Your tickets can be purchased via several InterTicket websites and the InterTicket ticket offices.
Our application enables you to sell tickets by means of your mobile device, even without internet access.
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Bands, performers, managers

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InterTicket's promotional features might contribute a lot to the success of your event. Publish your event on event sites directly through InterTicket! Advertize your event in the InterTicket newsletter, or organize your own email campaign by InterTicket!
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Forget the complicated and expensive admission systems! InterTicket gives you assistance all along the event organizing process. Downloading our free smartphone app you will be able to admit your guests, and you will have up-to-date information about the number of the remaining persons.
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School party, dance school performance, private party

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Be original, genuine, creative! Create a website for your event on InterTicket! Write description, choose design, upload photos and videos! Define the maximum allowed number of visitors. Determine the price of the tickets - or leave it free. Send invitation to the family and friends from the website.
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